Take The Pledge of Achievement

Join your community in taking the Pledge of Achievement and show your support


This allows for our CCSD community to get involved and have a greater voice by taking the Pledge of Achievement.

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This serves as a matrix for five years, measuring specific targets identified by the six indicators of student success.

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The Plan in Progress provides a current look at large scale initiatives to continuously drive student success.

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CCSD Achieves!

District accomplishments reflect the progress made as part of our commitment to the Pledge of Achievement.

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Board Strategic Imperatives

Academic Excellence
Literacy across all subject areas Pre-K through 12th Grades.


Parent, student, community, and employee engagement in learning.


School Support
Focused support, preparation, training, and resources for staff in the schools.


Clarity and Focus
Fiscal and data transparency, accountability, and strategic oversight.

The Board of Trustees’ Vision

“All students progress in school and graduate prepared to succeed and contribute in a diverse global society.”

We are an immigrant community. Our window of lifting up the boat is short. It’s that first generation. It’s those kids in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten right now. If we don’t reach them now, our economic future is actually quite bleak. Then you get ingrained poverty that is extremely difficult to eradicate.


– Sylvia Lazos, UNLV Professor of Law

I foresee three results if the District is successful: all English Language Learner students will have an equal opportunity to be successful, more students will advance to higher education, and our community will build a quality teacher pipeline.


– Magdalena Martinez, Lincy Institute Director of Education Programs

“As part of the business community, we are ready to partner with CCSD to help prepare these students.”


– Duncan Lee, Chairman of the Council for a Better Nevada

In the 15 years I have been involved in Clark County, this is probably the most thorough program I have seen.


– Terri Janison, Vice President of Community Development at United Way of Southern Nevada